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Car pollution and EURO standards, towards a more breathable air

Cleaner cars for cleaner air. This is the objective of the EURO standards which limit the polluting emissions of our...

How to change your catalyst by yourself

The catalytic converter is a part of the exhaust system that makes your car less polluting. With a minimum of tools...

All you need to know about DPF and catalytic converter recycling

Recycling the DPF and catalytic converter is an environmental necessity but also represents a financially attractive...

Changing the catalytic converter and the DPF: can I trust my mechanic ?

Cleaning vs. Replacement, the DPF and the catalytic converter are the subject of a real business. Tired of not...

How to know if your catalytic converter is out of order

A damaged catalytic converter is not to be taken lightly as it hides other problems on your vehicle. How to detect...

Getting to know your car | What is a catalytic converter ?

Curious about what's going on under your car? With krosfou you will discover what a catalytic converter is ? The...

How to clean your car's catalytic converter ? Here are the steps to follow

Guide to replace and clean your car's catalytic converter

What is the lifespan of a DPF or catalytic converter ?

The question of diesel particulate filters and catalytic converters' lifetime has been raised... And it depends a lot...

10 tips to keep a DPF in a good condition

The diesel particulate filter is a particularly sensitive anti-pollution device... Here are 10 tips to considerably...

Does AdBlue prevent the DPF from clogging ?

AdBlue is a liquid present on all diesel vehicles meeting the Euro 6.2 standard. But what is it used for ?

Diesel particulate filter:what is it? how does it work ?

Do you really know what this anti-pollution device is used for ?

Removing the catalytic converter from your car: a good idea ?

More power, less failure: removing the catalytic converter is tempting... But it is risky !

This start-up transforms particles into ink

The Indian start-up has developed an ingenious system to transform particles into ink.

a diesel particle filter... for car brakes ?

Would the particles released by the brake pads be even more harmful than those emitted by the engines ?

My car's exhaust makes a metallic noise, is it serious ?

Several causes can explain an exhaust gas But do you know them ?

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