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Krosfou offers Diesel Particulate Filters (DPF) and catalytic converters (auto catalysts) NEW, High Performance, guaranteed for 3 years, rust-free, that comply with the technical control standards, the manufacturer's standards, and the European regulations.

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Placing an ORDER

To place an order, nothing could be easier:
- select your part by indicating THE REFERENCE you are looking for, otherwise search by vehicle model,
- add your part to the cart, click on order and enter the requested information (for new customer & delivery address), and click on save,
- choose your delivery method, your payment method, and make your payment,
- you will receive an e-mail at each step.

If you need help, contact us at 0207-031-6600 from Monday to Saturday from 8am to 6pm, or click HERE to be called back immediately, to start a conversation on Messenger / WhatsApp, or request a quote.

FREE and 24 hours Delivery

YES, with Krosfou whether you are an individual, a mechanic, a garage or a wholesaler, receive your DPF, catalytic converter, front pipe or flex for exhaust for FREE in 2-3 days. If you are in a hurry, receive your part in LESS than 24 hours by 9am the next day with UPS Express.
For more information click HERE : DELIVERY.

Do you ship your products internationally ?

We do ship our products worldwide.
For more info click HERE: DELIVERY International.

I can't find the REFERENCE for my vehicle ?

It is very easy ! Call us at 0207 031 6600 or send an email to [email protected] indicating the REFERENCE or the VIN/chassis number of the vehicle together with the REGistration number.

You can also make your search in 2 ways:
1. Choose the brand, model and motorization of the vehicle, then click on OK.
2. If you know the reference of the part, enter it in "Reference OE, ..." then click on OK.


To thank you for your trust and loyalty, earn points for each order you place.

You can then redeem them for coupons to use on your next orders or redeem them for cash.
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Payment Methods

You have the possibility to pay:
- by credit card,
- by bank transfer*.
All our payment options are secure.

*)Additional delay of 2 to 3 working days, order validated after reception of the payment.
More information HERE: 3 PAYMENT METHODS.

My payment was not approved, what should I do ?

If your payment has failed, you can ask to be called by our customer service to finalize your order.

Pro Advantage and Wholesalers

With your Company Registration number, create an account on our web site HERE. Then contact us by phone at 0207 031 6600 so our special consultant dedicated to professionals of the car part (wholesaler, retailer or garage) switchovers your account to a PRO account, you can then benefit from the numerous advantages Krosfou.
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How do you manage to get such low prices ?

Krosfou proposes you DPF and catalytic converters directly from the factory, without intermediaries, allowing you to get savings going up to 80% in relation to concessionary prices.

The prices on the web site have changed !

The prices of our parts, calculated as best as possible, depend notably on raw material prices/rare metals used in their manufacture. These therefore change frequently. 

My order

How to create an account ?

Create your account :
- Click on "SIGN IN" at the top right of your screen.
- Fill in your email address in the section "CREATE AN ACCOUNT" and click on CREATE AN ACCOUNT.
- Complete the fields with your necessary information.

How to ORDER ?

1. Create your account / Sign in.

2. Select your part.

3. Add your items to the cart.

4. Validate by clicking: order. If you are not logged in, create your account or identify yourself to continue the order.

5.  Add the first address and give it in a name, for example: Delivery. Then, if necessary, add a second address and give it another name. 

6. Choose a delivery address from the drop-down list, keep the checkbox checked for "Use the same address for invoicing" or uncheck the box to choose the home address from the drop-down list.

7. In COMMENTS, you must indicate your registration number and/or chassis number to benefit from the free return within 30 days.

8. Choose your delivery method. Then make your payment.

9. You will receive an e-mail at each step.

In needed case, contact us at 0207 031 6600.

How to obtein an INVOICE ?

Once your order has been validated, you will be able to find your invoice online in "Order History" in the section "My Account" on our web site.

How do I TRACK my order ?

An e-mail confirmation is sent to you the moment your product leaves our stock and is handed over to one of our transport providers (DPD, UPS...). Click on the link provided to track your package. If you do not get this email or for any information, you can contact our customer service 0207 031 6600.

How to CANCEL my order ?

Please contact our customer service at 0207 031 6600, if You want to cancel your order. You will receive an answer as soon as possible.

1.Cancellation of an order paid, non-shipped:
Your order is fully refunded by Krosfou in case of payment by bank card or bank transfer, in case of payment by PayPal account, the commission fee retained by PayPal cannot be refunded.

2. Cancellation of a paid and shipped order:
We can NOT cancel orders that have already left our warehouse. If this is the case, we invite you to wait for the delivery of your package to make a return and be refunded. NEVER refuse a package because it will be destroyed and permanently lost.

For more info, click here: Free Return within 30 days.

Technical Questions

INOX 409: Magnetized ? Manual welding ?

Our DPF and catalytic converters are 95% made of INOX 409 (bodies and pipes). The INOX is a stainless steel and therefore resistant to corrosion, thanks to the chrome present in its composition. For technical and mechanical reasons, the extremities of our products that serve as a junction between the different parts are, as for them, manufactured in steel S235.
The INOX 409 of the ferritic steel family reacts to magnets, contrary to received ideas, there is no correlation between magnetism and material quality.

For more precision, all our welds are hand made.

Cordierite or silicium ? Are the products RELIABLE ?

Our DPF and catalytic converters are not made of cordierite or silicium carbide but of high quality ceramic.
Krosfou, above all is the BEST QUALITY on the market in 2022.
Just-in-time production ensures higher quality than dealers who often distribute the products stocked by their car brands/manufacturers on the date of release of the vehicles. Our products are all manufactured in technology 2022 !

The diesel particulate filters (DPF) and catalytic converters Krosfou do not rust: they are made of stainless steel (INOX 409) !
Equipped with high-quality monoliths, whose cells (honeycomb structure) have been treated with a "unique coating technology for the deposition of thin layers of rare metals", Krosfou DPF eliminate dangerous nanoparticles, (extremely dangerous, especially for children) and have exceptional longevity: they regenerate almost 100% when you drive a few tens of km on highways and expressways !
More info HERE : Original NEW parts at Factory price.

My product has a DIFFERENT LOOK from the original

No need to worry, your product mounts exactly the same way upstream and downstream of the part, by direct assembly.

This case of figure, although rather rare, can in fact present when the product hasn't been realized initially at the request of a car manufacturer (to supply one of its assembly chains on a specific model of vehicle). Our factory in Poland reserves the right to adopt the form that it finds most pertinent, notably in view of the permanent technological advances that It realizes. The principal subject being to put these at the disposal of the user in the best conditions.

What does the fitting kit include ?

The fitting kit includes the pieces needed to assemble your part (screws, clamps etc..).

Duration of life/regeneration of a DPF or catalyst ?

The regular cleaning of the DPF is mandatory. It consists in increasing the revolutions of the motor to more than 3000 towers on many kilometers. This causes an increase in the temperature of the motor and allows to burn the fine particles, so a regeneration of the DPF. When intervention is required at the DPF level, a specific light turns on on the dashboard. The vehicle loses power and goes into degraded mode. All interventions have to be carried out by a professional and requires a resetting of the parameters with the diagnostic case.

When the catalytic converter is damaged, it becomes noisy and makes a noise saying "of old pan".

The change of a DPF or a catalytic converter varies according to the manufacturers' recommendations, between 80 000 and 120 000 km.


Difference between catalytic converter and DPF: diagnostic case required ?

Catalytic converter: its principal function is to reduce the pollution produced by the exhaust gases. It transforms the most toxic constituents of exhaust gases (carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxide and unburned hydrocarbons) in less toxic elements (water, carbon dioxide and nitrogen). This transformation is possible thanks to a high temperature, reached after many minutes of driving.
The catalytic converter does not require the use of a diagnostic case.

Diesel Particulate filter: It is located after the catalytic converter, downstream of the exhaust line. The DPF retains, on its porous walls, solid particles that are generated by the motor. The DPF are mandatory installed in DIESEL cars since 2011.
The diagnostic case is required and only a professional can make the mounting of the DPF.

Do I need to reinstall the original heat shield ?

No, with the technology Krosfou 2022, the heat shields of the original parts are not necessary anymore.

Where are the products manufactured ?

Krosfou SAS is the official distributor for Southern Europe and the world of the first manufacturer of diesel particulate filters (DPF) and catalytic converters new high performance in stainless steel INOX. The products are manufactured in Poland.

More info HERE: Original NEW parts.

Can you manufacture DPF or catalytic converters on measure ?

Under reserve of a validation of your request by our factory.

Return & SAV

3 years Warranty: DPF and catalytic converter !

Yes, all our products are GUARANTEED for 3 years. This warranty is limited to a use not exceeding 100.000 kilometers.

The period of warranty starts on the date of reception of the product.


1. Do we assemble the parts ?
No, we do not do the assembly. However, you will find below the list of garages recommended by Krosfou HERE the list of garages recommended by Krosfou.

2. Do you have assembly instructions ?
Yes, you will find them at the bottom of each page of the products you are interested in, or you can download them here, for:
- catalysts,
- DPF.

Free return within 30 days ?

Benefit from the FREE RETURN within 30 days of the product(s) ordered by simply indicating Benefit from the FREE RETURN within 30 days of the product(s) ordered by simply indicating when you validate your order!

The countdown period of the 30 days starts from the date of receipt of the product. The free return within 30 days applies only to the return of a product delivered in the UK and the EU, intact, and returned in its original packaging.

For more details, please click HERE: FREE Return within 30 days.

Damaged or lost delivery

We take these cases seriously and will examine each case thoroughly.

Please always check your packages upon delivery. In the case of damage of your packaging, be sure to take a picture of the packing carton, it is also important to verify the integrity of the contents of the package.

You can send us by mail the pictures taken on [email protected] we will do our best to replace your product if necessary.

In case of loss of package, thank you to keep us informed, our logistics team will contact the delivery agency responsible for your package as soon as possible in order to locate this last one.


What matters to us is that you be refunded and satisfied.
The refund processing starts once your part is received at the warehouse/factory.
The refund delay as well as the interbank treatment can take up to 24 to 72 hours depending on your bank.
For more info, please click here: FREE Return within 30 days.

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