Free RETURN within 30 days

Benefit from the FREE RETURN within 30 days of the ordered product by indicating the vehicle' REGISTRATION  number (or the chassis number/VIN ) during the validation of your order on This information allows us to avoid any error in the references of the chosen parts, which are systematically checked by our France platform before shipment.

WARRANTY 3 years

The diesel particulate filters/DPFs, and catalytic converters marketed by Krosfou are covered by a 3-year WARRANTY limited to use not exceeding 100,000 kilometers.

The warranty period begins on the date of receipt of the product.

Best quality on the market

Krosfou DPFs and catalytic converters are recognized as the most reliable and efficient on the market: they are certified by TUV Sud (1st automotive certification authority in Germany) that is considered to be superior or equal quality to original parts.

Manufactured in stainless steel INOX 409 and equipped with high-quality monoliths with unique technology, Krosfou DPFs, and catalytic converters often add few horsepowers to your vehicle.

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