Garages, 7 innovative equipments for the garage of tomorrow

Garages, 7 innovative equipments for the garage of tomorrow

What innovative equipment will be present in the garage of the future ? Will the garage owner only intervene remotely, by simply pressing a button ? He will only have to monitor the work of the various applications, analyse the diagnostic and repair reports, while quietly sipping his coffee. A dream for some, a nightmare for all garage owners who love mechanics and their job. Rest assured, if manufacturers are constantly seeking to improve the garage of tomorrow, they are doing so with common sense and pragmatism. Yes, the mechanic of the future will still get his hands dirty, but he will have at his disposal lighter, more efficient, intelligent and back-friendly tools. The journal Décision Atelier organised the 7the edition of the Equipment of the Year in December 2020. We invite you to find the prize list below with 7 innovative equipments for the garage of tomorrow. Perhaps you will find the tool you are sorely lacking ?

# 1 Tooling

The newspaper has brought together a panel of professionals from the automotive distribution and repair sector. Its members come from well-known companies in the sector such as Feu Vert, PSA, Norauto, AAG, Speedy, Midas or Autodistribution.

The jury awarded first prize in the tool category to Chicago Pneumatic, a specialist in pneumatic tools since 1901. Tightening wheels will be a breeze with the the CP7755-2 Air Flex Mini impact wrench which caught the attention of the panel of professionals thanks to its light weight (less than 2 kg) and small size. The patented innovation lies in the presence of the power regulator and the rotating air connection.

Chicago Pneumatic promises a stress-free use of the tool. The spanner has 11 tightening power settings, allowing the mechanic to be as close as possible to the manufacturers' recommendations. The CP 7755 is also very ergonomic and easy to grip.

« No more guesswork, get the power you need », the brand assures us. We'll take their word for it with this little gem priced at £260 excluding VAT.

# 2 Mechanics

In the mechanical category, it's the BAHCO company that wants to simplify your life in the workshop, thanks to its lift table for hybrid and electric vehicle batteries. This table has been designed for the safe removal of electric car batteries. It's no surprise to find tools for zero-emission vehicles in this list, to say it's the trend of the moment is an understatement.

This lift table allows a maximum lifting height of two metres in less than 50 seconds and a maximum load of 1 000 kg. This equipment can therefore be used for the installation and removal of a good number of mechanical assemblies. It also offers repairers a very comfortable working environment: there are side levellers, all four wheels are equipped with toe guards and the rear swivel wheels have a parking brake. Delicate manipulations are carried out in complete safety and in compliance with good postural practices.

# 3 Tomorrow's innovative bodywork equipment

The WALCOM company is in the spotlight with the Carbonio 360 Light gun. This paint and varnish gun is almost entirely made of carbon. Its weight is 340 grams, which allows the bodybuilder to work smoothly and without fatigue. In addition to the easy handling, this tool allows for a very precise adjustment of the air pressure during the entire painting process. High quality work with less effort is the promise of WALCOM with its brand new Carbonio 360.

The device is already on the market, priced at £490 excluding VAT. It is distributed exclusively by ENOVCAR.


# 4 The product category

The awarded product may not seem the most impressive at first glance, but it managed to convince the jury for its effectiveness. You may also succumb to Innotec's Liquid Glass, which renovates headlight lenses. Specially designed for the automotive industry, the solution is applied very simply, by spraying. The surface to be treated does not need to be covered with any primer, the product acts in depth and protects the optics from scratches and other traces of wear.

What are the advantages for a garage owner ? Quick implementation of this long-lasting treatment. You no longer need to order a new headlight, you repair the old one with this solution that prevents yellowing. This product is available for sale since December 2020.

# 5 Control and measurement

There was a lot of competition in the control and measurement category as 5 candidates vied for technological inventiveness. The winner is a heavyweight in the sector as it is the group Bosch, with its DAS 3000 S20+.

Below the poetic name lies an ADAS calibration bench that operates on electronic collision avoidance systems. The bench brings together all the applications needed to perform accurate radar and front camera calibration in accordance with manufacturers' requirements.

This equipment effectively supports the operator in his calibration work which requires flawless accuracy. The positioning of the vehicle is extremely precise and thus eliminates the margin of error. The DAS 3000 appears as a complete tool for adjusting windscreen cameras and radars. It is also used for night vision systems, or windscreen cameras with 2 calibration points.

The tool is mobile and presents itself as a rational investment for any self-respecting repair shop. It will give you additional expertise thanks to the positioning reports that you can edit at the end of calibration operations. This type of document is appreciated by customers, as it proves the extent and technicality of the work carried out.

#6 Electronic control and measurement

The AUTEL brand is flying high in this category with the MaxiBas BT608, its all-in-one digital controller. This equipment is both a battery tester and a multi-brand diagnostic tool. The technology fits into a small case and offers quick and easy set-up, including a touch screen. The BT 608 quickly displays test data, reads and clears fault codes and prints out test reports.

It allows the identification of batteries to be changed and suggests the type of new battery to be fitted, when the mechanic feels a doubt.

Already available online, it is priced at £690 excluding VAT. It is likely to be a great way to recommend new services to your customers.

# 7 Pollution control and hygiene

New category, the pollution and hygiene category for this 2020 edition. It was necessary for the covid-19 health crisis to invite itself to the party, but it proves once again that major epidemics are conducive to creativity and technological innovation.

The Italian company TEXA outperformed four other contenders with the Air2 San, its device designed to sanitise living spaces and enclosed areas of up to 120m². This intelligent device will certainly appeal to more than one garage owner, as the services offered are advantageous:

  • transformation of ozone into oxygen ;
  • implemented without any chemical products ;
  • autonomous device : once triggered, the Air2 San proceeds to disinfect the vehicle without assistance ;
  • Editing a disinfection report.

You can therefore recommend this new service to your customers, which is currently more than popular. TEXA offers this machine at £740 including VAT, but promises a quick return on investment, depending on the rate you plan to charge.

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