BMW Diesel Particulate Filter 

BMW Diesel Particulate Filter
Protect the Planet by drastically reducing
the POLLUTION of your vehicle !

The advantages of the BMW Diesel Particulate Filter Krosfou :

  • The most EFFICIENT manufactured in Europe
  • DELIVERED in 24 hours
  • Unbeatable DIRECT-FACTORY price
  • PAYMENT by credit card or Paypal
  • FREE RETURN within 30 days
  • 3 years WARRANTY

A double radiator grille, an expressive light signature, you are indeed in the presence of a BMW. The Bavarian manufacturer has always made speed, luxury and performance the key ingredients of its models. Owning a BMW is like being part of a very exclusive club of privileged drivers. The lucky owners of the 3 Series BMW, 5 Series and BMW X4 will certainly not deny this.

BMW Diesel vehicles have had a DPF since 2006. This device absorbs and destroys the fine particles contained in the exhaust gases. BMW DPF are maintenance-free apart from regular regeneration cycles. To do this, you need to drive long enough, and don't hesitate to shift gears. If this is not enough, you risk total clogging of the particulate filter, failure or breakdown.

BMW Diesel Particulate Filter from the Krosfou brand :
The BMW Diesel Particulate Filter produced by our factory is recognized as the most reliable and the most efficient on the market. The Krosfou products catalog covers almost the totality of the car models in circulation in Europe, and this with the best technology and in compliance with the latest European standards. Marketed since 2000 to make diesel vehicles cleaner, the diesel particulate filter was made mandatory in 2011.

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Do you want to know if your DPF is Clogged ?
If you have acceleration problems, if the engine light comes on or if you want to know if your DPF is clogged, don't hesitate to take the free diagnosis offered by our technical team who will guide you through the process.

  • BMW 1 Series Diesel Particulate Filter

    Since 2004, the BMW 1 Series is a compact city car from the prestigious German brand. Aimed at capturing a younger and more dynamic clientele, it boasts top-of-the-range performance. Available in 3 and 5-door, coupe and cabriolet versions, this elegant rear-wheel drive car is now produced with a front-wheel drive system.

    The BMW 1 Series is exemplary in its reliability and no major mechanical faults can be blamed on it. If you ever need a new diesel particulate filter, you can rely on our brand. Our quality standards are such that our stainless steel DPFs are considered to be among the best in Europe.

  • BMW 2 Series Diesel Particulate Filter

    In the BMW 2 Series family, I ask for the coupe, cabriolet, Gran Tourer and Active Tourer. The 2 Series range is varied enough that every motorist who can afford it can find something to suit them. What do they have in common ? Sleek design, dynamic engines and compact proportions, to make the road your favourite playground.

    BMWs aren't known for having easily accessible diesel particulate filters. If you want to change yours yourself, you'll need to be patient, as it's a job that takes several hours. Alternatively, you can order your diesel particulate filter from our website and have it fitted by a partner garage of our brand.

  • BMW 3 Series Diesel Particulate Filter

    Seven generations of BMW 3 Series and the brand's fans still enjoy looking at them and driving them ! They are the perfect synthesis of all the Bavarian brand's know-how : dynamism, high-performance equipment, comfort and driving pleasure.

    P242F is the error code that indicates that the diesel particulate filter in your 3 Series is clogged due to soot accumulation. Cleaning or forced regeneration is not always effective and your car needs a new part. If this is the case, you'll find what you're looking for on the Krosfou website, our stainless steel DPF are among the most reliable in Europe.

  • BMW 4 Series Diesel Particulate Filter

    The BMW 4 Series represents a range of coupes and convertibles designed by the prestigious Bavarian manufacturer. The models replace the 3 Series coupe and convertible and the filiation is quite obvious, including the same light signature. However, the Series outperforms it in terms of driving comfort and the sense of security it provides.

    Exhaust gases contain soot particulates that gradually clog your car's DPF. If automatic regeneration does not take place, the fouling can be fatal to the part. Don't panic, Krosfou has diesel particulate filters at the best price for all BMW 3 Series models.

  • BMW 5 Series Diesel Particulate Filter

    BMW is pulling out all the stops with the BMW 5 Series, this set of premium sedans and estate cars. The series started in 1972 and still has a long way to go as the latest model was voted the 2020 « Revelation connected » car, thanks to its efficient on-board technology.

    Removing a diesel particulate filter is technically possible, but strictly forbidden in the UK since 2015. Moreover, it does not solve the peripheral problems. If you need to replace the DPF on your 5 Series, also consider checking components such as the EGR valve or pressure sensors.

  • BMW 6 Series Diesel Particulate Filter

    « Freude am fahren »,the pleasure of driving. This is BMW's motto and it applies perfectly to the BMW 6 Series. The range of coupes and convertibles delights enthusiasts of the brand with its perfect balance of dynamism, sportiness and comfort. Qualities that will now have to be sought elsewhere, as the last generation 6 Series is being replaced by a new range, the 8 Series.

    The BMW 6 Series is not known for recurring diesel particulate filter malfunctions. If by any chance you need a new part, don't hesitate to trust Krosfou. Our brand is a specialist in stainless steel DPFs, throughout Europe.

  • BMW 7 Series Diesel Particulate Filter

    Take a seat in a BMW 7 Series, where everything is order and beauty, luxury, calm and pleasure. This sumptuous sedan embodies the best of what the Bavarian brand has been doing in terms of technology and driving pleasure since 1977. Thanks to its suspension and impeccable soundproofing, it offers the same level of comfort in all seats.

    Zero emissions, wishful thinking or sweet utopia ? Car manufacturers are working hard to make new clean technologies accessible to all. In the meantime, a less polluting car passes a reliable and efficient diesel particulate filter. Exactly like those sold on the Krosfou site, the European leader in stainless steel DPF.

  • BMW X1 Series Diesel Particulate Filter

    The brand with the propeller not only builds top-of-the-range saloons, it is also well present in the SUV segment, notably with the BMW X1. Marketed since 2009, it aims to be affordable in terms of price, while maintaining an excellent level of finish. The crossover borrows elements from the 1 and 3 Series to offer motorists a vehicle that is as flexible as they like and fun to drive.

    SUVs are perceived as polluting vehicles, as evidenced by the malus that adds to the purchase bill. That's why you need to keep an eye on the maintenance of the diesel particulate filter fitted to your X1. If you're looking for a new one, you'll find it on our site, at a very competitive price.

  • BMW X2 Series Diesel Particulate Filter

    At BMW, odd numbers are dedicated to family cars and even numbers to sports cars. This is the case for the BMW X2, the Bavarian brand's turbulent SUV. Indeed, the X2 is billed as a « sports activity coupe » and intends to be unlike any other vehicle in its range.

    Few people understand the real point of the DPF. Mandatory on new diesel vehicles since 2011, it filters exhaust gases and retains fine diesel particulates. The diesel particulate filter is therefore essential for making your vehicle less polluting on a daily basis.

  • BMW X3 Series Diesel Particulate Filter

    The BMW X3 was produced from 2003 onwards and was then a forerunner among the leisure vehicles that are SUV. Featuring all-wheel drive, it is a clever compromise between road holding and driving comfort. With generous interior space, the load volume will satisfy large families or those who don't like to travel light.

    The BMW X3 is a top-of-the-range vehicle that deserves your full attention for its maintenance. The fact that you are on our site is no coincidence, but perfectly illustrates your desire to offer the best to your SUV. Our diesel particulate filters will more than meet your expectations, both in terms of price and quality.

  • BMW X4 Series Diesel Particulate Filter

    The qualities of an SUV and a coupe combined in one vehicle ? This is precisely the promise made by the Bavarian brand, with the BMW X4. The promise is kept, as the driving pleasure is indeed there. Rear-seat space isn't the most generous available, but it's compensated for by its richly equipped interior and sporty dynamics.

    You've recently found that cleaning or regenerating your diesel particulate filter is useless. A mechanic has confirmed your diagnosis, your DPF must be changed. Don't wait and order one of our stainless steel products. We have been the European market leader in diesel particulate filters for many years.

  • BMW X5 Series Diesel Particulate Filter

    The BMW X5 is the first SUV from the German brand, which is more accustomed to luxury sedans than intrepid off-roaders. Yet its expressive design does herald a dynamic vehicle that has every intention of taking you off the beaten track. The BMW X5 has been available as a plug-in hybrid since 2020.

    The SUV is notorious for being a polluting vehicle, which is why it is taxed with a malus on purchase. A diesel particulate filter in excellent condition is therefore not an option, but a real necessity. With Krosfou DPF, you benefit from the expertise of the European leader in this field, at prices that defy all competition.

  • BMW X6 Series Diesel Particulate Filter

    The BMW X6 is like a good bottle of wine, it gets better with time. Even if the initial performance of the German SUV coupe was already close to flawless, the various restylings in 2014 and 2019 confirm the X6's status. The exterior lines have softened and the performance of the petrol and diesel engines is breathtaking.

    It would be a shame and incomprehensible to buy a BMW X6 and neglect its maintenance, especially that of the diesel particulate filter. An out-of-order DPF seriously damages the overall performance of your car and puts you in the unglamorous role of a major polluter. Don't wait any longer and order a new one now on our website.

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