INFINITI Diesel Particulate Filter 

INFINITI Diesel Particulate Filter
Protect the Planet by drastically reducing
the POLLUTION of your vehicle !

The advantages of the INFINITI Diesel Particulate Filter Krosfou :

  • The most EFFICIENT manufactured in Europe
  • DELIVERED in 24 hours
  • Unbeatable DIRECT-FACTORY price
  • PAYMENT by credit card or Paypal
  • FREE RETURN within 30 days
  • 3 years WARRANTY

Infiniti is the top-of-the-range division of the Nissan brand. Founded in 1989, it initially aimed to conquer the American market with reliable, original and above all luxurious models. The brand gained notoriety, but did not yet fully establish itself. It arrived in France and Western Europe in 2008 and relies on several dozen distributors. The vehicles designed are high-performance, sporty and intended to compete with premium German brands. The Infiniti Q70 and QX50 have everything to seduce a demanding clientele, but sales have not taken off. The Renault-Nissan group then announced the withdrawal of the brand from Europe in 2020.

Krosfou is the leading European manufacturer of stainless steel diesel particulate filters. We have been supplying professionals and private individuals for over 20 years, with the same high standards. We guarantee you high quality new DPF for your Infiniti M or Infiniti QX70. Order the DPF you need now and receive it as soon as possible.

INFINITI Diesel Particulate Filter from the Krosfou brand :
The INFINITI Diesel Particulate Filter produced by our factory is recognized as the most reliable and the most efficient on the market. The Krosfou products catalog covers almost the totality of the car models in circulation in Europe, and this with the best technology and in compliance with the latest European standards. Marketed since 2000 to make diesel vehicles cleaner, the diesel particulate filter was made mandatory in 2011.

You are a Professional :
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Do you want to know if your DPF is Clogged ?
If you have acceleration problems, if the engine light comes on or if you want to know if your DPF is clogged, don't hesitate to take the free diagnosis offered by our technical team who will guide you through the process.

  • Infiniti EX Diesel Particulate Filter

    The Infiniti EX is the name of the crossover developed by the Nissan Group's premium brand. Initially designed for the American market, the vehicle made its appearance in Europe from 2008 onwards, with vigorous V6 and V8 petrol engines and then in 2010 with a V6 diesel engine. The Japanese manufacturer is offering a well-equipped premium vehicle that is a direct competitor to the Audi Q5.

    Don't succumb to the temptation of buying a second-hand diesel particulate filter and prefer a new Krosfou DPF for your Infiniti EX. You'll be sure to get a high-performance, reliable product at a very competitive price.

  • Infiniti FX Diesel Particulate Filter

    The Infiniti FX was produced from 2003 for the American market, but only crossed the Atlantic in 2008. A true top-of-the-range 4X4, it stands out from the competition thanks to its atypical lines, which are designed to seduce motorists looking for originality. It also offers a responsive and musical engine.

    Are you tired of wasting time looking for a quality diesel particulate filter for your Infiniti 4X4 ? Your search ends here and now, on the website of Krosfou, the European specialist in stainless steel DPF. Order your diesel particulate filter in a few clicks and receive it as soon as possible.

  • Infiniti M Diesel Particulate Filter

    The European market has only known the Infiniti M since 2010, but this opulent sedan has been on American roads since 2003. Introduced at the Geneva Motor Show, it is generously equipped with a 320-horsepower V6 petrol engine and comes with all the features and trimmings of the finest luxury road cars.

    Not sure how to choose the right diesel particulate filter for your Japanese sedan ? Trust Krosfou, the European specialist in stainless steel DPF, and let our search engine guide you. You can be sure that you are ordering the right part, and you will get it at factory prices.

  • Infiniti Q70 Diesel Particulate Filter

    In 2014, Infiniti inaugurates the rebranding of its models. The Infiniti Q70 is the next generation of the luxury M sedan. The name changes, but the spirit remains the same, with quality finishes and engines that rumble happily under the bonnet, including a 2.2 from a partnership with Mercedes.

    City driving is particularly bad for the diesel particulate filters. Short journeys and traffic jams contribute to its clogging. Gradually, the DPF becomes clogged and the regeneration cycles are not enough to clear it. Your diesel particulate filter then becomes ineffective and must be replaced by a new quality product.

  • Infiniti QX50 Diesel Particulate Filter

    The Infiniti QX50 is a crossover that has been marketed in Europe by Nissan's premium brand since 2008. This model combines luxury and technological innovation as it becomes in 2018 the first vehicle to have a variable compression ratio engine. This means it consumes less fuel while being even more powerful.

    Don't worry about making the wrong choice for your QX50's diesel particulate filter. Let our search engine help you find the right DPF for your vehicle. Not only will you not waste any more time, but you will also benefit from very attractive prices.

  • Infiniti QX70 Diesel Particulate Filter

    The Infiniti QX70 is primarily designed for the American and Russian markets. Few drivers on the Old Continent will therefore be able to enjoy the breathtaking performance of this luxury 4X4. Produced in Japan between 2014 and 2018, it is the successor to the FX range. Infiniti offers its flagship with four-wheel drive and petrol and diesel engines.

    The diesel particulate filter plays an important role as it makes your car less polluting. Placed at the engine outlet, it traps diesel particulates in the exhaust and burns them. These particles accumulate and sometimes end up blocking the DPF. This makes the DPF completely ineffective and it must be replaced.

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