LANCIA Diesel Particulate Filter 

LANCIA Diesel Particulate Filter
Protect the Planet by drastically reducing
the POLLUTION of your vehicle !

The advantages of the LANCIA Diesel Particulate Filter Krosfou :

  • The most EFFICIENT manufactured in Europe
  • DELIVERED in 24 hours
  • Unbeatable DIRECT-FACTORY price
  • PAYMENT by credit card or Paypal
  • FREE RETURN within 30 days
  • 3 years WARRANTY

Although the Lancia brand is nowadays discreet and enjoys a rather confidential reputation, it was not always so. Founded in 1906 by Vincenzo Lancia, the company designed and produced innovative and luxurious cars for a demanding clientele. Faced with the group's financial difficulties, Fiat bought the company in 1969. Although Lancia cultivated its difference for a time, it gradually lost its specificity within a multi-brand group. Its exploits in sports competition — 6 times world rally champion between 1987 and 1992 — did not change anything and the brand seemed to be on the decline. However, it is the originator of models that have marked the history of the automobile, such as the Lancia Ypsilon, the Lancia Musa and especially the Lancia Delta Integrale.

Krosfou is Europe's number 1 in stainless steel DPF. Our diesel particulate filters are equipped with a high quality monolith that considerably reduces the pollution of your Lancia. This way you protect the environment and reduce the emission of carcinogenic diesel particulates. All our DPF are new and guaranteed for 3 years.

LANCIA Diesel Particulate Filter from the Krosfou brand :
The LANCIA Diesel Particulate Filter produced by our factory is recognized as the most reliable and the most efficient on the market. The Krosfou products catalog covers almost the totality of the car models in circulation in Europe, and this with the best technology and in compliance with the latest European standards. Marketed since 2000 to make diesel vehicles cleaner, the diesel particulate filter was made mandatory in 2011.

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Do you want to know if your DPF is Clogged ?
If you have acceleration problems, if the engine light comes on or if you want to know if your DPF is clogged, don't hesitate to take the free diagnosis offered by our technical team who will guide you through the process.

  • Lancia Delta Diesel Particulate Filter

    The third generation of the Lancia Delta is offered between 2008 and 2014 by the Italian manufacturer and is part of a long line of compact sedans. At over 4.5m in length, it falls between the compact and family car categories. They therefore borrow the qualities of each segment and offer excellent performance.

    Krosfou DPF are ideal for your Lancia Delta. Their stainless steel composition makes our diesel particulate filters extremely resistant and future-proof. With our ultra-competitive prices, you make a smart choice for the maintenance of your Italian sedan.

  • Lancia Musa Diesel Particulate Filter

    The Lancia Musa belongs to the minivan range. These small MPVs are given the delicate task of offering maximum habitability with minimum space requirements. The beautiful Turin-based car does this with honours, offering space and a convincing boot size. Pleasant to drive, the Lancia can rightly claim to be a premium car.

    The Lancia Musa is a reliable car that sometimes suffers from mechanical failures. If that fault is a diesel particulate filter, you can find the solution to your problems on our website. We have a wide range of new Lancia Musa DPF's at unbeatable prices.

  • Lancia Ypsilon Diesel Particulate Filter

    The Lancia Ypsilon belongs to the small premium city car category. Launched in 2003 as a 3-door, it was upgraded to a 5-door from 2011, based on the extended platform of the Fiat Panda and 500, and offers motorists luxury and comfort, with elegant styling and quality equipment.

    The Ypsilon has been discontinued in the UK since 2017, but that doesn't mean you have to suffer the consequences, especially when it comes to maintenance. Find now our complete range of new stainless steel DPF. Our diesel particulate filters are efficient and sold at factory prices.

  • Lancia Phedra Diesel Particulate Filter

    The Lancia Phedra appeared in the Turin-based company's catalogue between 2002 and 2013. A close cousin of the Peugeot 807 and Citroën C8, whose platform it shares, this MPV offers 7 or 8 seats to its users.

    The Lancia Phedra adopts the diesel particulate filter on its new models from 2008. Placed close to the engine, this part considerably reduces the vehicle's polluting emissions. The Krosfou brand has been specialising in the manufacture of stainless steel DPF for over 20 years. Our products are recognised throughout Europe and offer unbeatable value for money.

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